Posted on Thursday 23rd February, 2017

So I’ve been offline for a while, reading and writing, turning 40 with a whopping great party, being a good neighbour, making friends. And I just bought a house in Peckham for me and my kids, which makes me incredibly proud. So here’s the comeback page, new ABOUT section and I’ll make a few changes to the site, start a new blog where I can write about what I’m working on, new ideas, screenwriting, novels, consulting with Cornerstones, editing, mentoring. I’m thrilled to have taken on an epic seven fantasy series today by a very talented young writer whose story is so good I swear I’ll have its title tattooed on my left arm. Don’t say we didn’t find it at Cornerstones first! And in the meantime, on the right arm, and because words tattoo so beautifully, is a Spanish word QUERENCIA that I’ve grown to love. We don’t have it in English and it beat MULTITUDES from Whitman’s poem to the post for first tattoo. It comes from bullfighting and means ‘the place one feels at home, from where one draws one’s strength.’ Here’s to 2017 then! To the stories that pass and the stories that last. All stories matter. Yours, mine. Every little one. Cheers!


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