I’m Natalie, the bestselling author of Season to Taste or How to Eat Your Husband, published by Hodder Headline in the UK in 2014, Little Brown in the US and now translated into several languages. I’m currently working with an all-woman director, producer, writer team to bring Season to Taste to TV. My first novel, We All Ran into the Sunlight was published by Short Books in 2011.

I’m also a mentor for writers on their road to publication. I work across the genres with all writers of fiction, adult and YA, and have consulted on non-fiction projects. Since 2016, I’ve been on the Cornerstones Literary Consultancy editorial team where you’ll find me consulting, mentoring and editing with great joy. I’ve taken on some terrific projects in the last couple of years and am inspired by each and every author’s journey.

I’m often found in the writing shed at LITERARY KITCHEN. If you’re in south London and want a course in creative writing that’ll make everything pop and bang and whizz, and doesn’t cost the earth, get in touch with Andrea here.

I work as in-house writer for a number of small businesses. This keeps me busy, connecting with people and out of my own clouds… I’ve loved getting to know the team at MACARO, run by the brilliant Beatriz, and also ETUI, about to launch… watch this space.

I’m a member at THE HOUSE OF ST BARNABUS in Soho where you’ll find me drinking coffee, working when i can, or dancing if I can’t help it. Meanwhile, I’ve been renovating a lovely old house in Peckham. South London, which is home to me and my sons.

…owning the story…